I’ll be honest. I was racking my brain for days asking myself “What’s the most clever blog entry I could write to start off my blog?” And my imagination being quite a thing. I came up with at least four legitimate ideas. A movie review was number one. An account of a great party I just attended was number two. A essay-form explanation on why I love R-rated movies almost won the prize of “First Blog Entry.” But none of these felt like the right answer and for a very simple reason. That reason being, none of these answered the most basic question.

That question being: Why do I have a blog at all?

That question needed to be answered with all due sincerity. That’s what I needed to begin all of this. So here’s my answer. Love it or hate it, it’s honest.

I love writing. I am absolutely in love with the process of creating entire worlds out of words. Nothing drives me harder than staring at a blank page or screen and feeling how the nothingness in front of me is daring me (even taunting me a little) to turn it into something. Anything!

That is the creative process that I fell in love with over twenty years ago when I first began writing poetry. And all that poetry eventually evolved into composing short stories. And all those stories eventually added up into something that passed for a novel. Not a good novel mind you, but I was learning the craft from scratch with not a lot of help from mentors.

Now, several years and projects later, I feel I have something that needs to be shared with the world. A skill honed over many years, many experiences, encounters with many different people and ideas that evolved into many different creations. Because no matter where I go in this world, I find myself drawn to the blank screen or page. And once there, I find myself compelled to fill it with words. It is, in my opinion, the most pure form of personal creation. It carries with it the demand to be honest with yourself.

So here it is. My first blog entry. My explanation for why I’m putting my thoughts, my feelings and my self out into the electronic landscape that is the internet.

But also because I plan on releasing my best work (in e-book form) in the near future. Stay tuned to this blog for more news on this and for other writings like this one.

My name is Devon Drake and I am a writer because I love to write.

Why I love writing?


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